How it Works

You have a hurricane of feelings inside of you. Isn't it time we work together to show their depth and breadth to the world?

Name the hurt and fear.

We all ask the questions of who we really are and what is our purpose here. During these times, we all have questions about the meaning of our life and the purpose of death. Let’s start by asking your questions.

Experience quiet and peace.

Once we know your questions and fears, we build a bridge to a place where you are in control. We learn to breathe and stretch and take out our feelings one by one. We learn to trust our body again to tell us when to open and when to be protective.

The past in the present.

Now let’s dive into how your past is keeping you from being you. Together, we create a place where it is okay to love and hate someone. We explore what it would b like to be complicated. We take those moments in the past that freeze you where you are and we heal them so that when you explore your current relationships, you can see both yourself and them with clear eyes.

Are you ready to dive in?