How it Works

Money, or at least talking about money is tying your insides up in knots. Isn't it time we work together to make money a resource instead of a roadblock?

Let's talk about money together peacefully.

You feel scared about the future.

You are in love but why can’t this person stick to the plan. You’re scared because you are so worried about the future. Both of you approach money so differently. And every time you try to talk about it, it turns into a fight and one or both of you shuts down and leaves feeling hurt and misunderstood. How in the world are you supposed to tackle the idea of marriage or kids or a house if you can’t even talk about how you are going to pay for it? You have spreadsheets, a lot of them. But your partner doesn’t want to see them. What if something happens to your job? You need help.

Instead of doing this alone....

Once we know your questions and fears and what money means to both of you, together, we will build a bridge to a place where it’s not about control and being the bad guy who always says “no” but to a place where money is an expression of both of you values that connects you and builds the life that both of you want.

Let's be strong and build a future together.

Now that we’ve named that fear, let’s create a plan and a system that you both agree with and that is flexible enough that you can build a life where money isn’t scary and something that divides you but a way for both of you to feel stronger together. You are going to bring what you need and want and my job is to help you both get what is truly important to you.

Start with the Money and Us quiz to find out where you are right now.

This quiz is simple and easy and just let’s me and you know how you and your partner talk about money. So go ahead and get started.