Gifted and disappointed Group Therapy

Tired of hearing that you "had so much potential?"

Disappointment is the name of the game.

Join us for a therapy group focused on supporting former “gifted” students process through the stress, disappointment, sadness, confusion you may feel if you feel like you “have not lived up to expectations.” In group, clients can share and relate to others who have similar experiences and challenges. We will explore shame, disappointment, frustrations, and grief over not have life pan out as expected. We will also explore how to be gentle with self, reevaluate what success means, as well as finding joy, gratitude, and pride in their current self. This group will be open until filled to allow building of trust, relationships, and allow a sense of safety for vulnerability.

Tired of defending your choices?

Ages 22-35. In grade school, you were told you were a “gifted” student. Smart and “going places.” You had such great expectations placed on you by others, maybe yourself. Nowadays, you feel as though you have to defend your career or life choices if you’re not a doctor, surgeon, CEO, etc. You feel disappointed, sad, confused, stressed, “not enough.” You are tired of hearing this, feeling this, having to defend yourself. You enjoy the work or the place that your at in life most of the time and hate questioning yourself when others do. You’re wanting to join a group of others that have similar experiences and learn to shake off these expectations and find joy.

Letting go of potential and embracing now.

Everywhere else you have to be on your guard and with a happy face. Here you get to be real, upset, have feelings, be proud and disappointment and confused. Here you get to be all of yourself, the parts that aren’t so ambitious and upwardly mobile and together.

Dates & Fees
Group sessions start Friday, March 29 2-3:30pm. $75 fee per session. We will meet weekly on Fridays for 4 months then will break for 2 weeks to allow for time to implement skills learned and growth made. We will then start a new round.

Are you ready to dive in?