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A Wedding Budget That Actually Works


Currently seeing clients in person on Monday’s in Menlo Park while using tele-health options for all California locations Tuesday through Friday. Also happy to visit couples in home on Friday’s if within an hour of San Mateo, California.

Serving Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, the San Francisco and San Jose areas, and beyond.

What is the Wedding Budget that works Package?

Even when we have the love of our life and we are on the road to everything we’ve dreamed, life still has a way of throwing up difficult conversations. But talking about money when no one has ever told us how and it affects EVERYTHING? Whether it’s a pre-nup (yes, please) or learning how to say no to what our partner wants, sometimes we just need a little support in one area of our relationship instead of Couples Counseling. You have a practical budget for the wedding, now you just need to change how your talking about it.

That’s why I offer a simple 6 week course designed to have practical and easy steps to have real and safe conversations around money and your wedding.

Included is a Money and Us Quiz so we (myself and the two of you) can discover how you talk with each other right now. In addition, there is a Workbook that you will use during the class and can take with you so you have concrete tangible references to help you in all the talks to come. Finally, included in the package is 1 2 hour one-on-one to dive into a specific area that is keeping the two of you up at night.

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Still hesitating?

I can handle it.

Therapy is a place to get real and have a relationship that’s about seeing and hearing who you are, problems and pain included. This isn’t about minimizing what’s happening. It’s about moving through it so you can celebrate the opportunities.

I just need to change my job.

Maybe it’s your too-demanding boss. Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t listen. But therapy gives you a place to explore and act on the idea that you can be your joyful self, no matter the circumstances.

She isn't going to change.

You’re right, you can’t change the people in your life. But you can change. You can embrace who you are and what you need, and the people in your life will begin to change in relation to you. Therapy is the place to learn how to be in relationship and how to show up when the other person doesn’t change the way you want.

Suck it up buttercup.

Biting your lip does keep the peace. That is true. But it also creates resentment, anger, frustration, and hurt. It slips out in other ways that put distance between you and the people you want to be closer to. Therapy provides space for you to share those problems and learn to build a closer relationship through sharing.

She won't come to couples counseling anyway. What's the point?

Recognizing our needs and emotions always creates a difference. Being able to state and imagine what you want and what you need in your life and in your relationships will shake things up. Let’s take this to the next level and ask what it would mean to fully show this side of yourself to your partner.

I don't really have the time.

Having a full life is wonderful. But I have to wonder, are you showing up the way you want? Is it full of the people, and work, and love that you want? Do you really have the time to NOT come for therapy?