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Last week, I got to meet with an excellent resource in the Bay Area for those in search of more intensive, family support. Harmony King, Community Outreach Specialist with Wonder: A Confident Living company, shared that Wonder typically sees client’s who have ‘tried it all’ from IOP, PHP, etc. and “nothing seems to work.” They work with client’s and their families from ages 11 through their late 20’s by offering a family systems approach in which the idea of a “identified patient,” or “problem child,” is challenged through equal supports to client and their family/parents. They also offer supports in real-life situations by supporting client’s in typical, daily activities. If you’ve gone through a WRAP program or IOP program, this seems to be a similar private pay option! Wonder states that they support a wide spectrum of challenges including “struggles with anxiety, depression, failure to launch, school refusal, learning and social differences, ADHD, ASD, executive function challenges, self-harm, suicidality, gender identity, and adoption.”

Who I would refer to Wonder

Families that have struggled to change their relational dynamics, see one person as the “problem,” have gone through extensive treatment, or are at risk of needing a higher level/more intensive level of care and not just once or twice a week sessions. They are committed to putting in the work now to actually see a difference and don’t mind however much time it may take out of their week.

Who may not be a good fit for Wonder

Families that are not wanting to give up several hours a week to treatment (each session is about 2 hours long!) Equally, those families that don’t have the family support of being willing to commit to lengthy sessions (they must have an equal investment in the treatment). Those in crisis situations around eating disorders (ED), substance use disorder (SUD), or those experiencing a recent suicide attempt that have not yet been stabilized. Those unable to commit to paying out of pocket up front (they offer Superbills to be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement, but it is private pay).

Here is a link to their website to check out more on them. https://www.teamwonder.org/

An excellent resource for those ready to put in the work and have family support!

If this speaks to you an you’re looking for help in California, please schedule a consult.

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