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Money and Love and Fun

I took a crazy big step for me recently and went on a podcast that was published to YouTube. For some people, this might be no big deal but for me it was huge. I don’t love putting myself out there and I don’t like talking about myself. So why am I sharing? Because it is an example of walking the talk of taking one simple step at a time. In the grand scheme of things this really is just one simple small step but it starts the whole process. The link to a great interview is down below but here are some of the topics that come up.


What lessons did we learn from the past?

I start with a simple story of when I was a kid. Anyone who has worked with me knows that our life is made up of many many stories but they aren’t all traumatic and awful. Mine involves a fun story with my dad. Partly because that felt safe and comfortable but also because that felt more fun. And I think we all have one of these inside of us. Whether it’s one or a dozen, we have lots of throwaway moments with the people around us that shaped how we react and view money today.

Trauma and reactivity

I can’t think of someone I know who doesn’t have a bit of trauma and reactivity when it comes to money. And that does include professionals. The reality is that whether it was a poverity driven childhood that left us perpetually on the wheel of hustle, hustle, hustle, or just the bad luck to be hit by the TGF at a bad time, life and the world have money at the center of it and we are affected by it. Ari and I both share a small portion of how trauma has affected us and how we can learn and grow from it to create systems that help us.

Systems and Relationship

Finally, the part that I love is the section where we talk about relationships and how to have fewer fights and more sex with our partner. I try to keep it light and funny with talk about pineapples and trips but the reality is that most fights, at their root, are about trying to connect to our partner and relieve our anxiety and stress. And money brings this out more than any other topic. Because we need money to buy food and clothing and day care. So of course you fight if you feel like you don’t have enough, or that someone doesn’t understand what makes you feel safe.


Anyway, I hope you will check it out and reflect on your own journey. And see this interview for what it is, one small step forward in doing something big and scary for myself.


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