It's okay to not be okay.

Living a life where you are seen, loved, and feel alive is worth fighting for.

Even harder, it’s worth talking through.  

Elizabeth McGinnis MA, LPCC

Where are you in your path to therapy?

Wherever you are, therapy provides space for change, growth, and healing.

You feel a need to be seen.

It’s okay to not be okay right now. To not want to pretend anymore.

Feeling ignored, unseen, and invisible in your relationships is not okay. When you show up as yourself and people tell you you’re too direct, or too needy, or just all around too much, it’s not okay. And it takes a toll on our energy and our belief in ourselves.

You’ve tried to go it alone.

You’ve deliberated dated against your type. You’ve deliberately NOT been your messed up parents. You don’t want to be living for your vacation, you want to be living now. You are kind, you are smart. You have read the books and watched the TED Talks. And yet you are in a place where you feel less and less and the only time you can relax is when you’re alone enough to just have your feelings. 

You think it’s not a big deal.

“I should be able to handle this, it’s just life.” 
Your hurt and pain are real and deserve to be talked about.

Therapy is a place to get real and to have a relationship that’s about seeing and hearing who you are, problems and pain included. This isn’t about minimizing what’s happening. It’s about moving through so you can celebrate the opportunities. 

Let’s dive right in!

When you walk through my virtual door, we are in this together. You will not be alone during this journey. Therapy is a relationship that helps you not only figure out who you are but also love who you are. We dive deep into your still waters, but underneath the surface we find the colors and lights and life that live at the heart of you. And I will be right there with you, making sure you are safe and heard and ready for when you spring alive and become ready for the best adventure of your life. 

Elizabeth McGinnis MA, LPCC

My name is Elizabeth and I'm here to listen to all the different parts of you.

I’m a psychotherapist, a traveler, and a writer. I blend my clinical experience with the latest research and the arts to help people understand and, ultimately, live a richer and more full life. I find my greatest delight in challenging those with hidden parts to step into the light and be uncomfortable so we can reach the shore that holds wisdom and joy. Finding ways to make sense of, and to be proud of, our entire story takes courage and determination and hard work. I would be honored to help you with that journey. 

Kind Words

What type of psychotherapy is right for you?

A place to be real about what’s hurting and not working and what you really want.

Let’s reinvest fun, passion, and respect back into your relationship.

We slow things down so you can say and hear what is hard but needed.

Let’s have fun while talking about burnout, building teams, and setting boundaries.