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Interview with Allyson Cates

As I’ve talked about before, this year for me is all about taking small simple and yet incredible scary steps to be a bigger part of the conversation around mental health. To that end, I’ve started a YouTube channel and have been experimenting with different types of interviews. The latest is an interview with my colleague, Allyson Cates, here at EM Psychotherapy. The link to a great interview is down below but here are some of the topics that come up.


What does she think about where the mental health field is now?

Allyson shares a bit about her journey in the mental health field today. She shares who she worked with at the beginning of her career and who she loves working with right now.

How to handle different viewpoints in the therapy room

Given the political unrest this year and that Allyson’s favorite population is young college age adults, clients trying to determine what they believe and the passion they bring to their viewpoint is an important part of therapy. Allyson gives us some insight into how she helps her clients navigate the world right now and how she navigates when her beliefs differ from her clients.

How is compassion a part of her therapy

What comes thorugh most clearly to me in talking in this format with Allyson is how important and grounding she finds compassion in her work. She talks about how she focuses on that for her clients and also for herself. 


Anyway, come check it out and reflect on your own journey. And see this interview for what it is, one small step forward in doing something big and scary for myself.


If this speaks to you an you’re looking for help in California, please schedule a consult.

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