Access to Care and Pilates with Alisha Bowker

As said before, putting yourself, taking the risk of looking or sounding silly or stupid is hard work. And the journey to self acceptance starts with just repeatedly taking the risk and learning from it. To that end, I’ve started a YouTube channel and have been experimenting with different types of interviews. The latest is an interview with a friend, Alisha Bowker, a social worker, coach, and future Pilates instructor in Florida. The link to a great interview is down below but here are some of the topics that come up.

What does she think about where the mental health field is now?

Alisha is unique in that she has actually practice and is licensed in four different states. She gives us a little bit of perspective on the commonalities of how each is struggling to provide care to the “messy middle”. She shares a story of what it was like for her at an agency in New York and the conflicted feelings she has about insurance.

How excited she is about new modalities and specifically Pilates

Alisha is very excited about some of the new therapy modalities coming into the space and how people can start to use them. She is also pursuing her certification to teach Pilates and talks to us a bit about how she hopes to incorporate the mind/body work she is learning into her therapy and coaching practice.

Being casual and having some fun

What comes through most clearly to me in talking in this format with Alisha is how important and grounding she finds having a little bit of fun is in her work. She likes to make sure that her clients and the people around her are feeling relaxed and not taking themselves to seriously.

Anyway, come check it out and reflect on your own journey. And see this interview for what it is, one small step forward in doing something big and scary for myself.

If this speaks to you an you’re looking for help in California, please schedule a consult.

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