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Wonderful Upcoming ADHD Event

I happen to think Neuro-diversity is great for individuals and for society. In fact, it can be a superpower when embraced and celebrated. But like all superpower stories, it’s not easy or simple. In fact, it involves overcoming challenges and obstacles. That is why I love Dr. Edward Hallowell. I recommend his book ADHD 2.0 all the time to clients and their families. And we are in luck, because he is also coming to the bay area in Palo Aalto on October 23rd for a lecture. If you or someone you love has or thinks you have ADHD, I highly recommend attending.

Who is he?

Dr. Edward Hallowell is a psychiatrist and author who specializes in ADHD. He has written over 20 books which focuses on how to thrive and build on the strengths of ADHD. He not only provides inspiration based in the latest neuroscience, he also provides grounded practical advice to use in the every day whether an adult or child.

How I use his work

Yes, medication can be helpful for folks with ADHD but there is so much more to the exploration and capacity of ADHD. First, not everyone wants to take medication or at least not all the time. Secondly, you don’t have to. You just have to learn what works for you and why. Dr. Edward Hallowell really leans in and gives both individuals with ADHD and clinicians such as myself useful day to day strategies to turn differences into strengths. 

An example is the classic distraction that so many people find frustrating. He gives several ways to lean into this difference professionally and personally. Instead of seeing this as a weakness, use this as a strength. For instance, reading a whole book may be difficult but listening on audible while you run or take a walk is both productive and efficient. Leaning into careers where getting interrupted is expected and celebrated like acting, sales, or being a stock brocker. In all ways, instead of beating yourself up for how you are different, he focuses on using that difference to propel you to success. 

What’s next?

Well, if you read one of his books or attend his lecture (I really hope you do!), and you want some help embracing his approach, don’t be afraid to reach out for some support. I would love to work with you virtually or in person but if therapy isn’t right for you, don’t let that stop you! Ask a family member to read one of his books, look for a club or group that is naturally embracing his philosophy (Drama and sports jump immediately to mind), or immediately schedule some time on your calendar with a reminder to sit down and talk about this idea with a supportive friend or loved one. No matter what you do next, I hope his approach leads you to a life where you thrive.

If this speaks to you an you’re looking for help in California, please schedule a consult.

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